Sampling stations

As one of the few companies in Poland we design and produce sampling stations for the production process of materials such as cement, lime, fertilizers, etc. Sampling stations include following elements:

  • Sampler in tubular construction,
  • Sampling element – head with variable capacity (initially, one sampling = 30 ml), driven by an electric actuator with speed that allows a maximum of 60 cycles per hour, giving capacity of 1.8 l / h – size can be determined
  • Mixer for samples:
    • mixer’s drive- gear motor
    • A container with adequate capacity
    • Container’s cover attached to the support structure, which guarantees the tightness of the container, equipped with a slot for position sensor,
    • mixer which guarantee homogenization of the samples
  • Solenoid valve
  • Installation supplying raw material to the mixer,
  • Vent valve for installation.
  • The automation system which allows to set operating parameters by touch screen, controls the amount of carried out tests and the time of the last collection. Information about the current operating status is displayed on the screen.