Cement industry

We are a recognized supplier of parts to the main components of the cement industry, such as:

Parts and components of rotary kilns:

  • casting furnace inlet – segments, sealing plates intake,
  • casting furnace enclosure – front panels,
  • castings rings – sealing segments,
  • other castings (plates breaking, board coat, gutters, fasteners).

Parts and components of coolers:

  • the plate coolers,
  • grid plate solid
  • grate,
  • Covering strip.

Parts for crushers clinker:

  • casts hammers – monolithic and dual-layer.

Parts and components of the raw material mills:

  • of the bottom plate inlet and outlet,
  • lining plates drum.

Parts and components cement mills:

  • of the bottom plate inlet and outlet,
  • perforated plates partitions,
  • lining plates drum.

For production we use mainly:

  • cast steel alloyed, creep,
  • Heat resistant cast steel having a higher wear resistance at high temperatures up to 1100 ° C, cast carbon steel and iron alloyed with a very high abrasion resistance.
  • cast alloy with high abrasion resistance and high mechanical strength and toughness,
  • cast alloy with special heat treatment.